I miss the sound of the birds singing, right there on the tree outside my window–when I choose instead, to notice the chainsaw farther off in the distance.

What we listen for reveals even more of what we hear.
And it’s all happening whether I notice or not.

I inevitably misconstrue the beauty of another’s message when I choose to listen with my critical ear.

What we look for in another reveals even more of what we see.
There is value in every heart whether I honor it or not.

Life, death, joy, pain, freedom, bondage, stillness, upheaval, destruction, renewal–grace in action…

How we focus our attention reveals even more of what we feel.
There is wisdom in every emotion whether I understand their message or not.

How shall I choose my perspective in this moment?

The beauty of spirit expands to fit our grace, for creator made room for us all to grow together.

May all beings be free from suffering and the root of suffering.

May we choose to fill our hearts with loving kindness.


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