The places we go when we reach in to the struggle, may be real for the moment– and yet to become comfortable in those spaces for too long magnifies the inevitably of a longer stay.

There are truths of suffering which point directly to the roots of said suffering and also toward the way to joy and release.

If we do not honor those truths we miss the message they bring.

So, pain is not a foe, fear only a red flag and to catch the message is to find the root of its cause.

There are simple surface answers to why a situation may give rise to one of those flags and there are always deeper grooves in the path which leads us to now.

A practiced limit, an ingrained belief.

A course of thought, a habit of speak.

We get so comfortable we miss our own call for relief.

In my swirl into fear and worry yesterday, I felt myself dipping into the dark places of fear and powerlessness.

The pain of the limiting truths called me to see myself placing those limits within the story I was running in my mind.

In speaking truth to those fears with a goal of recognizing the spin, I traced the trail.

And I was reminded of a precious gift I was given. One of transformation, while Cultivating Women’s Leadership with Nina Simons, Rachel Bagby and Toby Herzlich and a cohort of exquisite sisters…

Compost and Cauldron.

Recognizing the opportunity to turn what doesn’t serve us into fertilizer, and choosing to be deliberate about what we put in the stew we brew…is the medicine.

And so I began to shift my day and therefore the way.

Every moment we live in, we are our best self and there is always a reachable next…

Into the compost I place the ingrained conditions of my domestication that sneak in and lead me to the edge of not enough.

and into the Cauldron I place the incredible wealth of spirit and abundance that surrounds me

into the compost I put my inner critic that strives for a level of perfection that is unreachable

into the cauldron, I place the badassery of all of my perfect imperfections

Into the compost I place any question I have about my value to the greater whole

into the cauldron I place the love, guidance and honor gifted to me in the heart of everyone who loves me unconditionally.

Into the compost I place my mistrust in myself as a provider for my son

into the cauldron I place the incredible job I have done in bringing him this far and all of the space I have made for his total immersion in creativity

Into the compost I place my propensity to give my 150% to a project or brand for longer than it supports my growth

Into the cauldron i give nurturing energy back to myself in a bold move toward radical self care

Into the compost, I put my feelings of stagnancy

and into the cauldron I place the freedom of the wind in my hair and adventurous journeys

Into the compost I place the story of lack and struggle

and into the cauldron, I place intense gratitude for every incredible and exquisite member of my chosen family and stand in appreciation for the gifts of friendship, love, honor, recognition, uplifting prayer and blessing

May all beings be free from suffering and the root of suffering


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