The gentle rain always reminds me why I am still here in this time and place.

Each drop caressing its landing with the fullness of its weight.

The songs of the awakeners.

This is the name of the book I began to write, back in a time when it seemed like a novel idea.

As a way to harness the expansion I am gifted in the reflections of the people who come to help me further gut myself and see who’s inside.

As I wake these mornings flooded with words I inspire myself to write them.
Get them out of the way before speaking every one with far less eloquence.

In every new morning, a new perspective lands. And opportunity to expand widens even more.

I say a lot in many words–Others say too much with none. I’d like to fit somewhere in between.

With enough quiet to listen to more than the sounds.

Dance fully in the silence and know that what I feel is what you mean.


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