It takes great strength to be vulnerable in the face of the unknown.

To be raw and open to the answers fear might stand in the way of questioning

To be tender in the wake of a quivering moment of stripped down bareness

To share the truth of awakening when all guard is unreachable

When protection means giving it all away…

There is great power in vulnerability.

Strength in the asking…

Power in the knowing and grace in the allowing of whatever is to be to be.

Give up the notion of control


That there is any such thing is a story we have been fed too long.

Control your emotions

Control your fears

Control your body when it moves to quake.

Fuck that.

I am throwing control out the window, for constriction doesn’t serve me or you or anyone for the greater whole.

Removing the shroud of strength in exchange for a blanket of tender connection…

We all have shrouds to shed.

Tears to shed.

Burdens and weight and junk to release.

Freedom to be…

There is only freedom to be and everything that calls for steely resistance cuts off the flow of life force.

Shedding the shrouds. Spring is here.

Photo: Charise Isis


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