May all gifts be honored.

May all truth be shared.
May all leaders shed ego
May we all love aware.

May those you love know it

May we find ways to honor those we don’t understand

May all who have given be held

May all who take be nourished

May we give the gift of understanding

May we know humility

May we know grace

May we hear others through our need to be right

May we all find courage to forgive wrong.

May all who choke on tears allow them to flow

May every one of us find the strength to row

May we all stop pretending and stand by our truths

May we Honor friendship and trust in true hearts

May we awaken to the love hidden

May we see into eyes with love

May we hear the birdsong with clarity

May we all listen for the gifts creator gave us

May we share them with kindness

May we all open our hearts and be tender

May we take the time to give respect
May we understand those who command it are not finding it for themselves

May we love them through it

May all who have lost their way find their path

May we be guided to renewal

May we all love in truth
May we all Speak in love
May every bound soul be released for flight
May every dark energy find light

May all beings be free of suffering and the root of suffering.

Blessings to your day…


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