#WorldWaterDay is EVERY Day! As we are all living in, on, with and because of the glorious elixir.
I grew up drinking from the side of mountains from gentle springs, lips on the soft moss… dipping through trees in damp woods, the rich scent of life coming in from every direction, swimming in pools carved into foreverness by this powerful elixir.
I know water, I love water, I AM water and yet I have not been protecting her for long enough.
Thank you
I love you
I’m sorry
Please Forgive me
I say this not only to our water, but to myself.
The collective consciousness is directed by individual attention to intuition.
When I look in my own small sphere of experience, my perception guides my way. I go where I look, and so what I look for matters. When I look out into the yard, and down the street, and into town and out and out and out and out.. then I am able to see just how important my focus is. And so when I pray with the water, I listen for her messages.
Be clear
rage when you need to
Settle when necessary
cleanse what you touch
dance throughout the cracks
host those who can reside in your womb
flow with the ever changing new now
And I long to be like water. I live to be like water.
Oh wait… I am water.
If we are indeed made of water, which, apparently we are, then it is time I learned how to protect myself—so I can protect the water. The attack on our water coincides with the attack on women throughout time.
and so now, with the water is back in our hearths and minds, it is our beauty to listen to what she has to say.
What is she saying to you?
I began environmental advocacy because of water.
First, the water in my tears. Crying for 1500 miles after spending inspirational time with amazing people, living accountability to social, environmental advocacy, tribal and creative expression and collaboration. I was returning to a place that I didn’t trust.
And then when I landed home. I immediately became aware of plans for a bottling plant a few towns over and the tapping of the water in a small lake here in Woodstock. The body of water happens to be an Algonquin teaching ground for young women in their rights of passage. I say is, because the place still holds that medicine regardless of the part where today its a “reservoir” and “nice place to walk.”.
Everything i had convinced myself wasn’t available in my community revealed itself alongside what I expected. And the community, led by a small group, rose to stop a politically sponsored, taxpayer funded corporate water grab in five months… an unprecedented win. From there on to local pipeline and extractive industry resistance…
For me it was as though I was embarking on my own rites of passage journey. Stepping up big time, shifting the focus to social, environmental and youth advocacy while working to bring my creative, spiritual, physical entrepreneurial and advocacy to work together in a solutionary way…
I began to protect the waters in my community two and a half years ago, and I have not stopped.
I am #WaterProtector in prayer, action and deed—every day, because this is what i do now.
Mni Wiconi
Water Is Life
Protect The Sacred

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