It has been an intense, non stop two+ years. Time fleeting, money near non existent, many efforts squandered, some honored—each valuable. All on the heels of several of the most excruciating years of my life.

If I had not found this work, I might very well be dead right now. The choice to put my community before my own needs, literally saved my life.

My heart began to feel alive again.
My intuition began to refocus.
My absolute Badassery began to reveal itself again…

and I was able to crawl to freedom.

And now I am beginning to recognize myself again.

If you met me for the first time, in the last seven or eight years,
You are Just now catching a glimpse of the magnificence of my being, for I am just getting to know her again and she is growing younger.
Younger as in wiser
Younger as in clearer
Younger as in gentler
Younger as in more awake
Younger as in more laughter
Younger as in less resistant
Younger as in tender
Younger as in alive
Younger as in love

I remember.

Because magic is not magic, it is the truth of who we are, it is our grace, and our birthright.

And.. While, putting everyone and everything before myself saved me and my life, it is time to include myself in that mix.

I continue to ask for support and love for those I support and love, and I continue to work for the good of all, and yet if I don’t ask for me too, I will lose the momentum that I have generated.

Please hold me and my heart in your prayers so that I may manifest the tools and resources to continue.

I am a seeker, a winnower, a muse, spilling over with ideas and vision.
And I need the room to manifest the beauty that flows from my fingertips and the freedom to express my voice.

When I am not stifled by my own limiting beliefs and I cut the cords of disapproving relationships, I make that space and I can see and be myself more clearly.

I am making that space.

To any heart that has felt hurt along my path, I honor your heart and send love to those places.

To all of the magnificent beings

who never lost sight

who are now just recently entering my life and sharing love from boundless places

and even those who see, seek and speak my inadequacies first

you are all exquisite mirrors and I stand in great appreciation of your reflection.

I see me. And I love who I feel.
I see you and I love who I feel.

I offer boundless love to you. I share my heart in fullness. What you see is what you get, so I seek perfection when I look to feel you.

And I won’t lie… there are conditions for those who I hold closest to my moments. You too must offer your love in boundlessness.

We are nothing without each other and yet everything within ourselves.

And so I pray.
May we all find sacred outlook.

Thank you
Please forgive me
I love you


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