There was talk of “cleaning up” Wall Street this morning. I went to sleep last night wondering how everyone would fare in the rain and, (whew! no chill- rather muggy last night), woken up to clubs and snarls.

I found it rather beautiful that the threat of “clean up” just mobilized the troops to clean up. To continue with the example of community, and unity. And in effect, the “landlords” had to back down.

The fact that microphones and stages aren’t a part of this movement gives me the chills. I want to be a voice.

I want to stand in, I want to get my ass down there and show my child what his voice can do.

It was hard to sleep all night last night. I was feeling them down there awaiting the “impending doom,”  and the thought crossed my mind that the “unsightliness” of this movement, the sheer mass of people living creates “untidiness” and well, with people living in the streets in that kind of mass proportion, it just “makes sense” to the big guys to “clean it up” to push it under the rug.

But the truth is… This is just a tiny display of where they are looking to take us. There will be far more people actually living in the streets if the shit continues to flow the way it has been and we continue to eat it like it was fed from a silver spoon.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is so much more than people in the streets taunting the powers that be. We are setting more examples than one could really count right now.

These people are feeding eachother, meeting daily, communicating from one voice to the next, amplification by word of mouth.Voices carrying important messages. Displaying the way to come, where goods are traded for services and everyone has what they need.

Showing everyone, from eachother, to our rippling communities, to our government just what it will “look like” when their pillars have toppled their “people.” They will be in the streets.

So many layers.  I drifted off to sleep.

That was my morning gift from MoveOn!

Every time our government pulls the wool over the eyes, offers a little trickle down and then trickles shit, It amazes me that we stand down, while in other countries the people stand up and say “NO!”

Not to mention how many opposing nations’ “people” are not only heard by our government, but we are forced to pay for them to go and “hear” those people.

Fuck you. Hear us now.

I have never been one to “protest” as I have always felt that there are some who hold a sign and some who hold space. I have always been one to hold space. It is more my way. I feel more productive holding space.  My aggression has never served me very well. Except in those moments when aggression was the only thing that might save my life, and then I appreciated the levels I could go to clear the path with aggression.

And I still feel that way.

But lately I want to hold the sign AND hold the space.

Because at this point. It is what is going to save OUR lives. Not just my own, but many to come.

Enough of the bullshit already.

“…..respect the universal rights of their own people, including their rights of expression and assembly…” Hilary Clinton.

Support the people’s movement in Iraq and Libya, Egypt ignore the movement in your own country? Shame on you.

We will be heard.


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