Woke up this morning in a swirl of beautiful and haunting images.

The shift is happening right before our eyes, in our beds while we sleep, in the day for our night, the nights for our days… the taste for unity and change is pretty sweet.

Old, young, tender, strong. We can indeed create together and make things happen.

In the morning when we wake. There is something new. If we want it.

I have not subscribed to 2012. I didn’t buy batteries for Y2K either. I watched the millennium countdown on PBS and watched the day break around the world January 1st 2000. While my 2 year old son continued his supplication to Mahakala, The Great Protector, like he had been doing every waking moment for the prior week, and continued to do for the week to follow.

Are you really sick of hearing about Occupy Wall Street? Yesterday I actually heard someone say, “Facebook sucks now, with the new format, all you see in the feed is Occupy Wall Street shit…” I had to laugh, and then cringe.

I am not sick of hearing about it. It is really the first time I have ever wanted to join the crowd, make a sign and march for something.

I, a holder of space, might actually grab a sign.

Is it to express my anger at the guys who stole the money? What money? Which guys?

All the money.  All the “Guys”


I just want to be part of the crowd, for a change.


One thought on “Git in the boat

  1. I’ve been waiting for something like Occupy to happen for so long, I can’t believe it’s finally here!! Thank God there are people out there with the Courage and Passion to Do ,, not talk and bring So many together who can relate to this issue. There aren’t many who haven’t been effected

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