Everything is changing. It’s always changing, but whenever “it” does change fast and furious, it seems to feel like a rocket came slamming through the window in the middle of the night.

It’s fall. Never my favorite time of the year. Actually, one of the saddest times in my year, what with winter pending and all… Yet somehow, I love the change, and am always ready for the summer to wind down and creativity to flow again.

I really do love the shift.

What I have a hard time with is the winter. The cold, the dark, the days so short.

But then, winter is like the rubble after the rocket. That is when you  get to move with it, to grow with it and find the lesson.So yeah… Actually, I do appreciate the winter.

Kinda feels like a rocket just crashed on in. And it’s the rubble in the aftermath that makes everything so difficult.

The change is good. It always is. Somehow, some way, each of us, in every moment makes a choice or the other to land us right where each of us stands, looking at what we are looking at, how we are looking at it, and from that perspective we are given another choice.

I have so many choices these days, so many options and places to pay attention to.

I am a mother, and so my relationship with my child at the moment is so swiftly changing, I find myself wondering who we are from one sentence to the next.

I am in love, and so the dynamics of the interactions are always posing a new moment, and a new way to feel. It is an awesome learning place to see me through the eyes of my lover. Always changing.

People are living their lives around me~ and dying their lives around me. It can be so painful to let go, and let them make the choices they are making to get them here or there or gone.

I am a daughter and as I look into my mother’s eyes I see her changing, I see me never changing in her eyes, from that little one she raised from a sprout, all by herself.

I am a woman. Connected to this earth at the core. I see the change as it is happening, and I feel the shifts, I am aware of it all, but I don’t always remember that I know what to do.

The change is the reason we are here. It’s the contrast that gives us reason to flow life force. The resistance to it is what makes it feel so hard.


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