When the midwife told me he was a boy, I was just so relieved that he was finally out, and so excited to meet him, and so wiped out, that it didn’t occur to me yet.

It wasn’t until about three days later that it hit me. It suddenly became frighteningly apparent that the job ahead of me would be a lot more difficult than if I had given birth to a girl child. Parents of girls can be heard lamenting the difficult job ahead protecting their little princess as she reached Puberty. They lament about the stages leading into puberty, mood swings etc…But I was terrified!

First of all, I myself am a woman who was a girl child raised by a woman and her friends. Not by a man.I have ABSOLUTELY no reference to pull from.

Secondly, I live in America. The extra work that it (would) takes to raise an aware, conscious, loving, man with clear morals and respect for boundaries seemed daunting if not nearly impossible.

I found myself worrying for the young girls who were coming out that same day, month, year… What if I failed?

What if I raised a lugnut?

What if I raised  a serial killer?

What if I raise a typical American Guy?

And so I set out to see him loving, to see him aware, to see him kind… I have done the best I can, and I will continue to do the same, for the preservation of future generations.

I make a solid commitment, upon that realization, to protect your daughters. All of them, as best I could, by raising a beautiful man.

Oh lord I hope it’s working!

I wonder if other parents of boys had the same revelation? Or if it was just me.


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