When I think back on my life, I think about times and people and experiences that have impacted me, and I notice that the experience is what stands out the most, and the amount of time spent means the least

Some experiences feel so monumental in hindsight, and yet were only blips on the big screen of life.

It may have only been a week out of my life, and yet it had such a heavy impact, when entire years have not made such a difference.


I hold some people so dear to me, and sometimes the exchange might have only been in a momentary flash, or a couple of months out of a year, and yet I consider that friend my family because of it.

As people, patterns and choices change in my life… I too am changing…

Different things are necessary. Different friendships mean more or less in the grand scheme.

I could really tuck away. Kinda looking forward to winter.

Times are changing. Not sure what’s next.


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