So the hurricane hit us pretty hard… I will share some of the photos soon. Not much at our house but some trees down in the back and one across the yard.

In kingston charging up the computers, and the phone. Hoping and praying that we won’t need that inverter I didn’t buy on friday like I should have!!!

But the truth is, we will be out of power for some time now. Hard to settle on, but true. Eavesdropping on a lady who’s family lost everything, watched the gas tanks get washed away…

I went out to see some friends today and took a look at the devastation out west of Woodstock.

It was pretty bad.

A house I once spent time in washed across it’s driveway and left the left side of itself on it’s right. Trees crunched up against the bridge. The smell of propane heavy in the air…

My kid slept through the whole thing, and though he won’t admit it, he kinda liked scrabble and some Hurricane stew, which consisted of the food in the fridge that had thawed, or might not make it through the night.

We are so used to having electricity, and hot water… things to look at, things to do… that one day without it, and many of us are just stuned. I am rather embarrassed actually. While standing on line in autozone, beat red with embarrasment sheepishly asking if they had any more inverters, I thought of my friends who have a cellar full of rice and beans and gallons upon gallons of water for their family in case of emergency. And I am running out for provisions on friday night.

If it isn’t time for us to get closer to the earth, to know our needs and to be ready for anything, then I don’t know when it will be.

Prayers for the earth, prayers for the water, for the trees, for the people… For the love!



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