prefer nirvana
if you want to live happy
or choose instead pain

Yesterday I was read someone challenge another person to explain themselves for being happy in times like these. What with the war and the famine and all.

It felt like a punch.  As if we aren’t allowed to feel incredible, while others are suffering.As if we all shall suffer.

I have spent a long time contending with people who call themselves “spiritual” whether they be Buddhist, or Pagan, Atheist or just plain loopy for the New Age schpiel, and they are always telling me to be sad, or be a doormat, perhaps drop my ego and hate myself for a while.

It is so so easy to misinterpret the teachings of old. Especially when they are esoteric.

I don’t really want to add to the pain.

So I retreat to my little cave in my mind and come to my own conclusions. They may or may not be true, but I am always ready to challenge myself. I will  admit I am a bit lazy , and to do it myself is easier than when someone it else puts me to the task.

The most valuable teachers I have ever loved have reminded me to stay happy in the midst of all this chaos.

Reminded me that the center of my wholeness is filled with love and light and that is where my power resides.

Reminded me that the best I can give to the whole is the best of my love.

The best of my love is happy love.


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