I never know if I am doing it right;  This parenting thing.

It’s so hard not to take complete responsibility for the outcome of my child.

I am the parent. I am the influence. “I am the one responsible.”

He is a reflection of me.

How he relates to others is a display of how I have raised him.

How he loves is a reflection of how I love him.

People say that a mother can never tell how she is doing by how her child relates to her…

Go ask their friend’s parents. Ask the community. Because Mom’s get the worst.

I really hope that mom’s get the worst.

Working hard on continuing to take responsibility without beating myself up for my mistakes.

Calling the Buddhas Bodhisattvas all of the Dakas and Dakinis… Calling in all the help I can get right now…

The teen years have begun.


3 thoughts on “Mom

  1. The teen years are really NOT a reflection of who your child will ultimately blossom into. They are a test of their boundaries, a time when they pull so hard to get away while you try to figure out how much to let go. Agonizing but an amazing transition time. You can do it 😉 Love and patience, stregnth and guidance. And a swift kick in the rear once in a while. I’m not saying that works for me but that is as far as I have gotten today.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    When our children were babies, we wished they could talk to tell us what was wrong..remember that? As they grow up into the teen years..its kind of the same. Know in your heart that you have already layed the foundation for their character. It is a difficult transition for sure. My boys are now 16 and 20. From my expereience, the hardest part is trusting in yourself and parenting skills to let them go and make their own way. They will fall, but letting them get back up on their own is key to allowing them their individuality. Letting them know that you love them and are there for them is all we can really do at this age. Keep doing what you are doing my friend, because you are a beautiful person inside and out and believe me, in a couple of years they will see it and appreciate it too!

  3. Rachel: The fact that you criticize or analyze your parenting is the PERFECT SIGN that you are doing everything you can to make sure you raise your child how you feel he needs to be raised. But reality is no one is perfect so cut yourself some slack & Kudos for loving your child!

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