View= Intention

Path= Being it on the way to the goal

Destination= Understanding that the enjoyment on path was the point in the first place.


Everything, constantly changing, is moving so fast.

It really does feel like running alongside a merry-go-round only it’s more like a Tilt-a Whirl these days.

The sensory overload, which is the norm in western society, isn’t really my pace. I don’t want to do it that way.

I stopped trying to keep up a while ago. Running at my own pace, sometimes walking. Sometimes not moving at all.

I find though, that when I don’t be excited, or move with intention, the stagnance (like my new word?) is excruciating.

I forget to protect myself.

Take a step back, pull my energy in, ground… clear the space, love me, love my environment, love my people. Get clear so I can continue the quest to love all people.

I keep forgetting, what happens when I stop paying attention to the subtle messages I am receiving at all times…

The ones that make a difference to my movement. Gotta get good. Must set my practice and master meditating in the center of the Amusement park.

Write, feel, share, feel, do, feel, be, feel, ask, feel, know, feel, question, feel accept, feel, grow, feel, love, feel, feel, feel, feel…..

Keep feeling.

When the Tilt-A-Whirl stops, and the lights go out… that’s what we’ve got. Our sensory understanding of who we are and what our movement is creating.

The movement is good. Just pay attention to the feeling on the way.

*** Photograph: (Before I added Tara: Tilt-A-Whirl by Jeff Notti)

(permission: None)


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