‘Kayso… I know it’s not very savory conversation, but Jeebus!
Or should I say… Jesus Fucking Christ!!
Another gottamakemymanhoodknown closet gay man strikes again. Giving the Anti-gay movement more unfounded fodder for the homosexual=perv association. “Bishop Eddie Long,” pastor of the country’s largest African American congregations; the New Birth Missionary Baptist (Mega) Church in Atlanta, Ga, denies that he was abusing any of the three men who allege he violated them using coercion, gifts and his pastoral persuasion. A man who has been quoted as calling homosexuality “spiritual abortion” while allegedly amassing several hundred young boys (to sexually abuse?) in his “Youth Ministry.” (There are currently three allegations in court, and the details are not fun) Of course there are plenty of people in his offices who were aware of his preferences and possibly his indiscretions and have conveniently kept it quiet.

I love to play with semantics and the occasional Freudian slip, and in this case, I find it an interesting blend of both that appears, using terms like “Spiritual abortion” when referring to homosexuality while abusing young teenagers on their way to manhood while championing anti-gay bullshit from the pulpit.

But even more creepy (in that regard) is Fallen Pastor, Ted Haggard
(Jesus Camp anyone?) another champion of the religious right, post exposure for his own indiscretions (crystal meth and a man-whore); ‘Maybe its time the church takes a step back from the extremist ways’ he says (since going to homo-debriefing make you hetero school). Apparently, he felt shunned after being busted for being as he calls it, a “heterosexual with issues” I think his feelings were hurt.
He is now calling the movement he once so championed “impotent.” Impotent huh> weird.

‘Kayso, IMPOTENT!? Ya think? I mean fuck? is the anti-gay evangelical movement impotent Ted, or maybe just you are after being brainwashed by four priests who taught you how to be straight? Please. The anti-gay evangelical movement is fucked up and creepy, but impotent? Is that a savory word to put in bed with fucked up priests horndogging all over the planet behind closed doors in the name of christ? I am so creeped out by the use of the word “impotent” something just don’t sit right with me on that fence.

While visiting the Queen of England, the Pope (on this the first Papal visit to the Castle in thirty years) led the discussion to the “failures” of his church and the indiscretions, of his priests, He felt no way about calling it “sad,” yet continues to cover his ears from the shouts from the picket lines. There is no support for full disclosure in regards to protecting the parishioners rather than his cronies.

Led to the news clip this morning, I moved to another tab and began to write… in the meantime, the tape rolled and more and more stories came flooding from the speakers. Apparently, it’s not really practice to register when they relocate?!?!?!? So you can just relocate your creepy fucked up priests after they violate the parish.
Which leads me to This lovely site Their mission:
“According to the John Jay report commissioned by the U.S. bishops, allegations of sexual abuse were made in 1950-2002 against 4,392 priests. The number is generally believed to underestimate the problem. A few bishops have released the names of accused priests, but no official list exists of U.S. priests who have abused children and vulnerable adults. [this website] present[s] the most complete list currently available, culled from media reports and legal documents – with many photos, assignment records, and source articles.” (again, that’s http://bishopaccountability.org)

The perfect song to take us out…

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/14989944″>&quot;Altar Boy&quot; – Rickie Lee Jones</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user1140595″>gustavo arteaga</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>
IN case you are not just sick to your tummy… here is a list of christian evengelical scandals to play with.


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  1. Rach…I am so impressed with this article!! I told my sister wait!!! Read this..this is some good shit, and she said its Rach…no way..I love it!!! You are truely gifted, keep it up.

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