and I have very little to say.
Struck by an incredible sense of boredom, I have very little to inspire anyone with.
I am hoping that I have not lost my luster, traded in my sparkle for a big sweater and some jeans.
I missed the summer; playing with some new-found physical pain, but now that the cold sets in, I can finally dance again. Wish I felt like dancing.

Searching for some kind of inspiration is almost always a search in vain. We rarely find what we feel we have lost. We have to see it close and reach for it with simple grace. or wait.

But I feel like I have been waiting for some time, and there is little to grasp.
I reach for my son and his smile warms me.
I reach for my lover and his body soothes.
Both of their love shines bright and may be the only clarity I find.
But even they notice my lackluster malaise and general uninspired nature as of late, and I feel like I am bringing them somewhere they didn’t ask to go.

I am usually excited for the autumn, it means creative time is here…

I hope it comes. soon.


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