In about fifteen minutes… It’s officially spring!
You can’t deny it if you live in places like my house where the daffodils are coming up… where the sun shines and warmth returns…
Just up the road, three and a half feet of snow has melted to two feet of snow in some places and patches of green peek through.

Time for renewal and awakening… Looking at things new, with optimism and expectation…

The last few days has been such a blessing… the sun is soaking in and I feel regenerated. Been playing the $1,000 game. It is a wonderful tool for changing one’s mind about money. Changing a poverty head to an abundant head…
You start with a thousand dollars, and take the time every day to spend one thousand more than you spent the day before… So if you start with a thousand, you get two tomorrow, and three thousand the next day… and on… so in a month, you have just spent $30,000 and tomorrow, you have to spend $31,000.

We started by spending what we needed and then made the commitment to spend more each day.
Once you have paid off debts and built a new house, taken some much needed vacations, you find there is not much to spend on, and it is not as easy as one thought to spend too much money.
The point is to actually write the checks, search the prices, and play with it… feel what it is like to enjoy shopping for the goods…

And boy is it fun!

Since we began the game, unexpected $ has come, and we love that!

No longer the, “oh, I wish I could have that” mentality… I love the ease of just saying, “I’ll buy it tomorrow,” when I see something nice in the window…
I like the latter better.

Things are feeling up and up, and it is time to enjoy the light returning for reals…

I wish the spring love on everyone!

And, if you try the game, let me know how it feels…


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