I have been watching some real power shifts going on in the atmosphere these days… In the macrocosm, and definitely in my microcosm. Which of course always brings me to think about not only how I am affected by the “big stuff”, but how much my little slice affects the whole pie.

I am not the only one having these experiences. And so all the more responsibility I have to get what’s happening with me onto a high joyous plane. Every little light on the switchboard ya know?

My son has moved downstairs to a new room. Coincidentally, his old room sits in the “wealth and power” position of the house, and he held it for four years. Just as he begins the journey into teen-dom, he moves into the “helpful people” position in the house. This Feng Shui information came to me after he asked to move, but it really is perfect timing. He can begin to learn from the wisdom of those in his life who can give him guidance, and I as the parent, can reclaim the power in the house. The dynamics at this age are not only a struggle for the child as he goes through his changes toward becoming a man, but my standing as a parent is called to question as he makes them.
I plan to use the room creatively. Now, it is the creative/Den space, and the throne; the chair of choice has introduced a new struggle… the cat has assumed position. Funny the cat should make a play for it. I am not surprised actually. Everyone is making a play for some kind of power these days, and may the highest good win.

At the moment, our biggest play for power is that of Mother Earth’s. She has been making it very clear that it is time to wake the hell up and feel the wrath of our own doing. The Earth is quaking, the waters rising…

No matter how arrogant and unconscious we want to be, Mother Earth is going to win. We can think that we are destroying her, we can think that we hold even an inkling of power, but we are really messing with the wrong force. We are no match for her.

She will win.
And we will be defrocked and tossed off the throne for sure.

Speaking of defrocking…
The flash of news I got the other day was pretty telling, there was the pope’s personal preacher, , on Good Friday, talking ’bout likening the current accusations against the pope to ANTI-SEMITISM… I’m sorry. WHAT!?!?!?! In this case maybe compare the pope to a Nazi soldier, but persecuted? Give me a break. Seriously. To even deign to compare the two is so completely out of the ballpark it’s not even funny. I rather liken the pope and his current situation, to Roman Polanski’s story to be honest. The guy ran from the law, pranced around Europe making movies, writing autobiographies, and essentially flipping the bird at the child he sodomized and the system that charged him.

A child trusts their parents, and the parent puts their child into the hands of a pedophile, to be drugged and raped… the guy gets off, and then hundreds of so called “progressive” celebrity cronies rally for his absolution. Why? Statute of limitations. Hmmm… Sound familiar?
These children were drugged by some pretty oppressive religious influence and then violated by those preaching it (the pushers). Covered up by the higher ups- and now the church is rallying round the pedophile’s closest accomplice? Because now that he is the pope he should be absolved of any kind of responsibility? The priests that were protected by Ratsinger were trusted not only by the kids, but their parents, And Ratsinger at best, pussy footed around and put more children in danger.
And why, may I ask? Are these cases not being tried in courts of law?
Because the whole thing is a disgusting sham. There is no separation of church and state.
That’s about to change too…

Is there any goodness to come of any of this? perhaps.
Human mothers are not always perfect, but some of the collective brood are coming to know the power of the great Mother, and hopefully we hear what she has to say, and we are aware enough to take her advice.

The outing of these priests and the church that protects “their own” is a very good thing. Those children who suffered at the hands of the church are indeed heroes, martyrs for a very important cause; Calling a very dark and oppressive force to accountability is no small offering to the great collection plate. Are we going to continue to sit by and let them get away with it? Or do we tear the temples down?

I heard someone speaking on NPR last year. He told a story about Nero. At one of his great roman feasts, he invited all of the laureates to dinner. thousands of them. The artists, the writers, the philosophers… the progressive minds of the time, came to this party.
In preparation for the party, the issue of lighting the way arose, and the solution? The prisons were emptied that morning, and the prisoners were used to fuel fires on the road leading to the event. These so called “Progressive” minded people walked that path, lit by burning human beings, and enjoyed the libations when they got to the party. The speaker, after telling that story asked the question, ‘Shall we be Nero’s guests?’

Is that who we are as a culture? Where hundreds of people can sign a petition to absolve Roman Polansky for drugging and sodomizing a child?
Where the audacity of the church can go so far as to liken the plight of being called to accountability for allowing, facilitating and covering up thousands of indiscretions which occurred under their watch, to that of the holocaust? Where the Pope gets off protecting his cronies? Cuz he’s the POPE?
Time to wake up and defrock the whole damned church.

On a personal level… My son is doing quite well in the helpful friends place in the house, and I can pick the cat up and remove him from the throne in the newly decorated creative space located in the “wealth and Power” position. The frickin’ cat has no business marking his territory there, and by god we are not going to go get a new chair and let him have that one.


3 thoughts on “Listen to your mother

  1. You’re a wonderful, caring and intelligent person. I have been avoiding the angst of recognition of the futility of it all by adhering to my self-created remedy, “Spiritual Pessimism.” This was what I was going to discuss with you when you came over to visit me. I don’t feel like writing about it. I’d rather talk face-to-face. Love, Lenny

  2. “Human mothers are not always perfect, but some of the collective brood are coming to know the power of the great Mother, and hopefully we hear what she has to say, and we are aware enough to take her advice.”
    This stuck out to me among other thoughts about pioneering a reverent relationship with a teenage boy and the “power struggle” there…I love you Rachel Sun! You are a power friggin’ house of a woman. Isaac…you couldn’t find better;) I feel so connected with you guys …love you both!

  3. this is why i love you,Rachael. you stand tall and proud..and..what more could i ask for in a friend? thanks..for all of your writings. informative,realistic..ok..sometimes..loud!! (i almost hear you!!)..but always..soo Rachael.and i love this .. “Live Happily Ever Now”. wonderful!!

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