It occurred to me this morning that the nature of the blogs I have been posting as of late have been fairly downpressing.

I’m sorry.

I read the comments on “Holy Water” and felt kinda sad for the feelings I have instigated, without also offering a way up.
It is a hard place to be, for all of us, between the intensity of the atrocities going on all around us and the beauty that resides just beside it. Sometimes when teetering between them both, and being knocked off axis to the hard side of the fence, it can be hard to hold the belief in the beauty. There is so much beauty, it’s just when the media shoves the grunge down our throats, combined with the general instability and fragility of our society’s foundation, it is not too hard to feel the weight of sadness. Truth be told… there is really MORE well being available than there is dis-ease in the universe, and all we need to do is make the commitment to look for it. It is readily available.


It is clear that I have been neglecting my work. If I am going to invite people to muse with me, I need to be more responsible- otherwise, what is the point of this site, and what is the point of my opinion?

I most certainly do not want to knock anyone off the merry go round,
I want you all to hop on and enjoy the ride..
Your comments were so clear to me… And I love that you made them… Now there is a conversation happening.
-Yvette, it only makes sense that your body would begin to feel so horrible when you, against your better judgment, went to church with your son. Thankfully, he realized the toxicity of the energy he was feeling and you both escaped.
-Claire, the sadness that prevails in the country where you live could take a nation down…
-Michaelanne, we are not alone… There is so much we can do when we reach out and ask for upliftment, and share it too….

Thank you all for your inspiration!

The reason I do not have a tee vee- the reason I do not go news hunting- is that there are far too many negative dark places to get hoodwinked into spending time with. And I feel unproductive when I go there… So why should I bring you along when I do? I guess it is because, I do want to have these conversations. I just want some light to come of them. If that is the case, then I must offer some light, because attention to the darkness without focus on the light, perpetuates more darkness.

Perry Farrell, coined a title for the kind of warrioress that I aspire to be; “Solutionist.” I recognized that place in him the first time I saw him perform. He uplifted the house, and had plenty awakening to do and say.
I thought he might be the new Messiah… really… It wasn’t until later that I knew I was probably right. We are all the new Messiah, collectively, we make up the whole… the more of us who find the glory, the wider it will spread.

I want to come together with those of you who read my musings and make change, if, even for a second, we can turn to the place where we can see the light; then together we can inspire relief, and maybe we can even rest there. Together.

“That which is liken to itself is drawn” as Abraham-Hicks says it.
Like attracts like. Ask and you shall receive, put it out there and watch it come back… Get out of the way.

Well, I watched what came back today, and although I am filled with opinions on issues that come up, and some of what is coming up is not of the funnest ilk, I want to inspire not ire. I feel like I set a tone that i would rather not rest in, and I know none of you want to hang there for too long.

To follow-up the two previous blogs, I am going to try to find some good.

As we near 2012, a date millions of people are focused on, there is much confusion and in some cases upset, swirling in that sphere. For those of you who do not know much about “2012,” in a nutshell, it is the end of the Mayan calendar. Some believe it could be the end of the world, the end of the world as we know it, the end of time? Who the hell knows what it will be, but I lean toward the idea of a glorious new beginning, where the shit is on the table for all to see sift through and transcend. The shit is hitting the fan! Pillars falling, foundations crumbling, old dinosaur regimes faltering from the weight of expected accountability.

A time of serious Tantra… Transformation from cloaked devience and secrecy to an age of transparency… All is really very well.

For too long, people like Ashburn and Ratsinger and those like them have been spreading their toxicity. Millions of people violated by the church in the name of a god that these factions cannot even comprehend.
There is no lawful excuse for piddling with small children in the house of the “lord” and yet, somehow these priests have been carrying on in such a way for for too long. Just the tip of the crusader iceberg.
Millions of people violated by our governments in the name of “order.” An order that those in power cannot even keep in their own houses.

We could look at situations like that of the recent up-turnings in Munich, revealing more indiscretions of the heads of “church,” and the revolving lazy susan full of scandalous activity of the political “leaders.” In this case, Church and State walking hand in hand to their demise…

Weren’t the four major religions on the planet today mutilated and reconfigured by those in power to aid governing forces in keeping the people down to begin with?

That energy, which people have been trying to harness and ensnare into a little tiny word called “GOD,” is far too big to cage, and far too crystal clear to be clouded by illusive slimy downpressing “servants” in “his” name. The idea of a “HIM” God baffling in it’s own right.

Who is it who calls for the coming of armageddon? Who is to come when it hits?
The Christians, and Christ. Right? pretty much.
It feels like the church is eager to speed up that process, like, maybe Christ is just around the corner waiting for the shit to splatter everywhere… Like… “HE” can’t clean anything up until the whole mess is made.

Who instills the biggest fear in the collective mind of the church? It isn’t satan… It’s the heathens.
Sinners. the sinners who have not yet come on board… We are all destined for hell… Of course few in the church feel that they should be accountable for their “sins” (as if there were such thing) it is us (the “sinners”) who should be accountable… Stand before god and his minions and confess, kiss the ring and join the fold…
Pure laziness. If we all join the camp, of course there will be less of us sinners to save when it does all come crumbling down. Less work to do… Oh wait, isn’t it the Boddhisattva path that actually takes into account the masses who will need help when it all goes down.

And um… folks…. the shit is already hitting the fan!

Well I have a theory.
I think for those who believe it, for those who run with the prophecies, the pillars are falling, foundations are crumbling, the oh so Pious heads of the church are being called out, to stand naked before the “sinners,” for… turns out, they are riddled with more “sin” than we heathens could ever imagine.

I say bring it on!

It takes a lot of contrast to inspire the new decisions that will make the shifts we are needing collectively… The darker it gets, the lighter we can shine.
And wow, when we do? The collective consciousness that makes up the light will outshine any brimstone in treacle they want to feed us.
We will be the ones to not only topple their castle, but to save them from themselves, as we… collectively, ARE the second coming of Christ. Isn’t that ironic? We the sinners shall tear all the temples down, and in the same turn, save them from themselves in the end… What a perfectly seamless and beautiful duality!


Continue with a steadfast commitment to enjoying life, inspiring positive change, invigorating each and every one we come to pass…

We can be the upliftment we so seek, just peel off another layer of the bishop’s garb.

Plenty of goodness to be had! We will all be more than okay….

Ahhh I feel so much better, do you?


3 thoughts on “Lifting Up

  1. thanks, and i also apologize if i got too intense…i do that a lot…sometimes everyone goes through a “period of reckoning” and that was mine…life certainly is filled with more joy than not…

    • Nope Yvette the realness is good. I just had been pulled aside by current affairs. Everyones comments remindedme that I forgot the uplifting parts. Much love and please stay in the conversation.

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