It can be scary to come across all you ever asked for, and then rest in it long enough to believe it.
No matter how amazing love can be, there is always some kind of catch.
Usually the snag is just resistance.
Resistance to the eventual demise, or resistance to the validity of it, or resistance to simply enjoying it…
We were raised on resistance.

It’s ten o’clock, do you know where your children are?
If you were allowed to stay up til ten in the seventies and early eighties, you remember that fear based public service announcement. That mentality, spread over all of us like cream cheese on an H&H bagel, raised a lot of stuck people… Afraid to love, afraid to create, to allow, afraid to live.

As I look around at people in my life, myself included, there are a lot of benefits being reaped after hard hard work in the blistering sun of the emotional and spiritual fields. Yet the little bird on the shoulder gently chirping doubt, makes its rounds, and somehow many of us seem to be listening.

We have this innate ability to become comfortable with sounds. After a while, the loud rush of a stream at night fades into the background. We notice the crickets less and less as the summer goes by. Yet the little bird of doubt manages to permeate our psyches with ease, day after day after day…

Lately, I have been working to allow the doubtful chirping to fade into the background. Listening instead to the beautiful stream rush by, babbling of all the goodness to find downstream. Each time I allow instead of doubt, is more air in my raft. There is plenty of gentle float time to be had, and… the point is the journey yes?

Why spend the journey paddling upstream with fear and doubt as my oars when I can get farther enjoying the ride?

2 thoughts on “Doubt Birds

  1. Thank you for sharing this with me Rachel. And as Bunny Music says definitely true in deed. I do so remember that crazy commercial..boy did it create alot of fear. And we absorbed it all like lotion on our skin. And yet today I love knowing we all have the ability if we choose to drop the oars and go with the flow..mmmmm. Keep writing sis..: ) Huggs

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