Tonite I sat on my delicious porch with my dear friend, on my beautiful new daybed made for me by someone I cannot thank enough and we mused on the sadness of a closed heart, from the vantage of wide open…
It felt so good to be with open heart.
When closing the door on a relationship, something you spent years to keep open, sometimes it is hard for the other to see how hard you worked to keep it open. As she works to release her current relationship, we prayed that he would find the knowing that love is love, and when it changes… there is something good in that change… and sometimes… it is best to look inside. Accountability is hard sometimes…

I wrote this years ago, but tonite, we revisited a place it seems I had already been.

(spring of 2006)
Woe is the heart that passes by another yearning for the same beauty

Woe is the heart that passes such a judgement

We all have different eyes from which we see

All our vantage points from different angles

I release you from the responsibility I asked you to take on

I release me from the need to ask you to take it on

Joyous is the heart to release in such a way

I offer my heart again to you now with no limits and no expectation

I’ll hold firm to my desires

see their result in whatever form they take…

And I accept that form to be someone other than you.


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