Time is moving so swiftly. Life lately moves faster than I expected it to move. Even with the old; “the older you get the faster time moves” thing. I think time really IS moving faster what with the world being so small these days.

In one day you can be coast to coast for a meeting and back.
You can send a message in a second, and it gets there.
You can watch an entire day go by as you do absolutely nothing.
The sun shines in the morning and throughout the day like it always did, but it is hotter now. Slap the sunscreen on and maybe even a helmet too. It used to take me days in the sun to burn and now, it takes hours.

You can come from just about any angle, at just about any thing, and the slightest lean in any direction will throw the balance off. In the perceiver is the difference.

If I were to take in every moment, I might feel accomplished at the end of the day.

It might have taken me six months to connect with the same people one hundred years ago.
It would have taken quite a load of hay to git my horse to NYC and back, forget about coast to coast!

Slowing down has been the message for me lately, savouring the moments of sweetness as they come, and inviting more to enjoy.
The delectable things that I have to choose from are especially tasty lately, and the kisses extra sweet.
Reminder, take moments to appreciate that goodness.


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