I mean really?
I suppose it is a place where the strange and wonderful come to peek at the strange wonderful musings of a freak.
A freak of the freaky fun kind. A place where I get to rant, and share, and offer some of the things that turn me on.
And then I wonder what narcissism lies beneath.
I love a good picture of myself, I enjoy praise. I am a typical Leonian woman with a desire to be seen and heard, and in this case, read.
I have been feeling rascally lately.
Instigating debates, and flapping at the jaw.
It’s fun.
But is it necessary?
I guess it is, as I poke around at the Buddhas in my sphere.
Yesterday, my mom and I were having times on the porch, and a situation from the past came up in conversation. It was a hard situation, with a person who was “hard” in the situation.
She said, “Well, that person is just the Buddha in disguise.”
And it was a great image.
The idea that a person who riles you is showing you a mirror of your own shit, has been a concept rolling around my whole life. The idea that your “enemy” is your teacher… same thing… but never had that image been so simply placed in front of me.
Suddenly, I could laugh,
This person is not just a mirror, but an opportunity to put your work into action.
Where is the forthrightness, the grace, the accountability, the clarity, the love? Compassion?

yes, all so simple, and been done been said before, but what a sweet opportunity.

If someone came to you and spoke down to you in a derogatory manner, you might want to slap them. But if the Buddha came and spoke to you in the same manner, you may have a different reaction, one may assume that he is testing you.
How do I feel about that one, once taken to that level?
Do I really believe that there is an authoritative Buddha? Or a higher law?
Not so sure about that, pretty much, no. But I do know what feels right, and I strive to accomplish a level of integrity and grace.
I am not always successful, but there is effort.

“This is frightening to a lot of people because we tend to confuse our conditioned, convoluted sense of being sinners with actually being wrong. We were all taught to divide our psyches against ourselves, and those inconsistencies can feel terrifying if suddenly the spotlight touches our individual existence, our ideas, our work, and so forth. There is a lot to learn in being exposed, and one of the things you can learn is developing consistency.”
~Eric Francis

I read that just now, excerpted from his monthly post, and it struck me as interesting. I’ll leave it with that to ponder.

I was rambling huh?


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