The moment, now… is blowing me away, and holding me right here.
I feel like I am in the middle of a crechendo, and the climax is going to be really really good.
i could say that it is orgasmic, but that is not really the feeling. It is more like anticipatorily deliciously ripening. All around me are people who are on the edge of the cliff, ready to jump off into some unknown that is teasing a blessed opening.
As the petals pull away from the center, reaching out in colorful bloom, I am amazed.
The gifts I have been given, the gifts I give, and receive from others.. so abundantly thick with nectar to appreciate.

Someone recently noticed that I use the word Juicy a lot.
I began to notice that I do indeed use it often, and now I think of her and send juice quite a bit as I am savouring the juice in my life, or in writing… It is the perfect description of how I feel.
There is so much to be appreciative of, not the groveling thankful indebted kind of appreciation, the kind that feels like joy and fun and ripe. I feel the goodness when I give thanks, jump into it and soak for a while.
Lathering up with yesses is a wonderful feeling.
Abundance is everywhere!


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