I believe that the general directive to avoid pain is one of the deepest roots of the empty, hollow feeling so many are feeling (Or…. seeking to not feel).
Pain endured is worn like a badge of honor.
Neither feel quite right to me.

And the irony is that the very emotion we have been taught to avoid, or suppress, or not get carried away with, is what holds the message.

We have been raised to believe that we need pain to gain. Or that we need to hit the bottom to create an explosive and powerful thrust hard enough to launch us from the depths of the agony.
I don’t believe that.

And yet I believe that unwillingness to subscribe to a colonized take on emotion is precisely what makes it so easy for me to be turned on by the experience of truly digging to the real shit and working with it. Even if it hurts.

We can normalize pain until we have build up enough of a threshold to bear the weight of our own holding. Or we can recognize the messages we are being given.

…been thinking about this a lot over the last thirty or so years…

It feels like it’s time to take the romance out of pain and upheaval so that what we are actually normalizing is the willingness to dig in, get real and keep moving toward the next moment in clarity…

Let My sister Vera de Chalambert take you on a journey into this conversation. I love how her heart and mind work..



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