I know how to compartmentalize.

Ya know. Take your emotions and stuff them somewhere away from the light…

Pretend they aren’t true.

Shove the feelings into a closet or attic space and batten down the hatches.

Lock em up.

But it is never the best option and whenever I try to stuff it, the shit just comes leaking out at the seams

I feel therefore I am.

So there is no stuffing shit away and calling it chocolate pudding.

It’s shit. Look at it.

Get it.

Understand what it is and THEN keep walking into the light.

We can call it sacred.

We can call it ceremony.
We can call it the deep work.
But when it isn’t.
It just isn’t.

The layers of habitual interaction must be peeled away to expose the patterns.

The hard stuff we don’t want to admit about ourselves is precisely the shit we need to look at and clear.

No one is always regal at all times.

I am not always regal. But I am a Queen.
Are not always regal. But you are a king.

you are. therefore i am

And we don’t have to stand together for that to be true.









photo: The INCREDIBLE Franco Vogt


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