The way of the weight of the woman…
Wow! There is so so much unpacking going on in the FB feed… people exploring rage and fear and resentment and loneliness and guilt guilt guilt. So much guilt and fear and rage and sadness and pain… each of us begging for a new way to come as the systems we have been constricting ourselves with, break down around us. We’ve been toppling the temples one brick at a time from a place of fear, holding ourselves back from blowing the whole shit up in one big explosive pop.
But that is the Way of male dominant structures. As western men have been taught to store up tension and release their load in one shot, so does it appear to be the way when it comes to tearing the temples down.
Like, there has to be a Big fuckin’ Bang.
But this is actually just the way we have held ourselves for all this time. “Societal norms” and trust in the hands that have been feeding loads of foul shit in nice packaging for too long. Constriction around our minds and our bodies that we ourselves have bound ourselves with– tightening our own girdle strings.
Orgasm–the highest most people allow themselves to get–the biggest release most allow themselves. The ever illusive high that many never find for more than a fleeting almost moment.
So here we are. With the tension of eons of patriarchy stretched almossssssst as far as it can be stretched, with the possibility of the big let go attached to a button under the finger of a guy who represents the most perverse exaggeration of the expression of rape culture’s darkest places. People are losing our shit as the attack is ramped up in technicolor HDMI on steroids and we bear the pain of the message.
Women know pain. We have a high as fuck threshold for pain that is beyond any measure a man could make.
And we have been bearing the pain of spirit calling us to change the collective consciousness of the planet.
We have been bearing the pain of constriction and suppression in the hearts of all who cry freedom.
We bear the pain of the mother as she is pummeled for her lubrication.
We bear the pain of every women who is raped and killed by the men raping the earth for oil.
We bear the pain of every child hungry and every wicked heart. For we know how to release and contract from the root of our very core.
We know how to take the pain of the push and breathe through the next onslaught.
We breathe.
We go inside.
And we find the pain and we seek to understand what it is so that we can craft tools for the next task ahead.
We make joy.
And when the tension builds we are naturally designed to look to the beautiful result at the end of the push.
We are designed to know what is needed for nourishment and care of the tenderest most delicate blessings.
We know the place that is higher than even orgasm.
We know the release that comes when you do the work.
We know the work that lies ahead. And it has already begun.
We know Love.
We are Love.
We make Love.
And we nurture it.
When you can build bone and flesh and organs and hair follicles and penises and vaginas and eyeballs and brains within your body…
When you host the miracle of soul expression until it is time to breathe in a body on its own…
When you know how to breathe through…
You hold the key to shifting the tracks beneath the fucked up and crazy train we are on.
If you forgot, it’s time to go deep. It is time to remove yourself from the feed of toxins and remember who you are and why you came.
We must stop working for the man and get ready to birth this vision we are all holding.
The vision that is hiding behind the screens in front of us that are spewing shit, holding our attention and assisting in magnifying the information that is causing us all to feel sick.
The pain that comes with these realities is spirit’s laser pointing to an opportunity to find inspired action.
The truths of our existence are not what cause the pain. The pain comes when we don’t listen to the call to move toward a different way.
It is time for us to listen and find a new way.
Monday, August 21st is the first total solar eclipse over the US in 99 years.
As the outer expression from heart center (the sun) is eclipsed by the emotionally connected, expression of the moon, we are being called to recognize our emotional system and how it relates to the way we express.
The sun playing a more masculine role as the feminine washes over that bold and burning light. This is a time for the feminine to emerge in true service to spirit. We must give even more now. And it is time to share our wisdom.
We have all been trained to believe that emotions are from some vulnerable place and that women are too emotional. That emotions are to be suppressed, quelled, hidden, ignored… and yet they are the voice of our connection to spirit.
When we are in deep connection to spirit, we are open to the emptiness of all things, which is really infinite potential.
As we give credence to those beliefs, we constrict ourselves, we loose connection and we begin to see experiences in a more finite manner.
When we move in that direction, away from spirit and the infinite… spirit calls.
And that is what feeling is.
Spirit telling us what our mix of mind loops are making in every moment.
Our mind is the screen where we tell the story.
As we act it out, spirit is watching—and shooting us feeling messages about where this story is going to go…
And all the while, the universal switchboard is connecting us to each channel of focus that we switch to in every moment.
We will always be in the theater, what stories we write, act and participate in is own choice.
We have been domesticated out of understanding this relationship.
The Christian Industrial Complex has done a shitload to keep the population disconnected from spirit.
Someone else died for your sins and his ethereal forgiveness is the golden ticket. Everyone who doesn’t agree or fit the mold is disposable. You have a special free pass to heaven. Just don’t forget to confess. Don’t worry, it will be through a screen in the dark where no one will know who you really are. And you won’t have to look anyone in the eyes when you do.
And if you ever want to meet the real Jesus, check it out, he’s going to come save all of our asses when Armageddon comes.
All hail the prophecies let’s speed that shit up!!
Yeah no.
Can you feel the tension?
Can you feel time speeding up?
Do you feel like the end is near?
Well good shit because the end is now and you hold the key to “Christ” consciousness.
That thing they are looking for… we are that.
It’s the great cosmic joke.
We, the ones they fear…
ARE the eternal flame. And once we get in lockstep… we are who is going to save this shit.
So… my friends. My lost ones my beloveds.
Let’s remember that it is possible. But we will have to find a way to listen to the messages from spirit and heed them. Moment to moment.
We are being called to find love within ourselves and de-magnify the corporate hold on our collective conscience.
On Monday, I invite you to spend your eclipse time (11:00 am-2:00 pm) exploring your emotions and looking at how what your mind is doing feels.
Let’s begin with this new moon to listen to the messages and if they are painful, look at our minds, what stories are we telling ourselves? What seeds are we planting?
What can we give to eathOther, ourselves and to the whole?
Are you holding a prayer? Or the fear of a scenario’s result?
Sisters… be kind to yourselves. This is a breathing time. The birthing is close and we will have to be our own doulas.
When we have reclaimed the strength to nurture the new way in, we will be able to remind our brothers how to be Protectors.
And brothers. Be gentle with us. This is a very difficult time and we are holding the weight of the mother. Know that we are baring great weight and we are tired.
We need you. To my brothers who are still here. Holding us up. Thank you. We will do this together babe in hand.
It’s the only way.
First. We must remember how to take care of ourselves and eachOther.
So much to do and so many doing it.
These words were inspired by the recognition of where we are, a lifetime of seeking awakening and also the response to my sister’s FB post about her resentment for the latecomers…
“I have to say I resent the hell out of people who are just NOW starting to give a shit about opiate addiction and violent racists. I see you and I see your self centered, white centered agenda.’
“I understand that and won’t argue. I can’t even begin to try and put myself in that place.
That’s why I’m not discounting what you are saying. I’m asking for your feedback and clarification because it is a point of view I am literally unable to get for myself. This kind of honest information is critical for me to expand my understanding past “racism is bad” to a deeper understanding of what it is and how deep it infects. Did that make sense?
I actually really value these discussions.”
It’s allll real. And we must make space for all that we feel…
and look toward becoming what we seek to find.
So much love to share

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