Standing between Mercury and Venus both Retrograde and the Scorpio Full Moon… How could anyone decipher matters with words?

As if the words of the english language were written to express true love, honest Sharing or understanding of emotional expression.

We were taught to build walls of misunderstanding from the very first brick–Fear and pride masking bewilderment as recognition.

I am a gullible soul, for my heart is on my sleeve and my perspective skewed by desire for connection and sharing.

I believe. And I continue to believe. And even when I am wrong. I keep loving anyway.
But I’m tired. I can’t keep drowning myself in the pools of others’ backed up tears.

So I flow my own and lick the salt from the corners of my mouth. Perfectly placed to catch tears after they’ve traveled over the landscape of my cheeks.

I don’t hold back tears. There is no reason to. They cleanse and quench simultaneously, strengthening fortitude and dissolving the walls every time I begin to build them again.

I am not here to drown anyone in tears, or my energy or my strength or my weakness.

I’m just here to love. Recognizing that i sometimes direct it to places it is not wanted. I’m learning how to keep some for myself.

It’s not easy.

I just keep giving it away.


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