Landing back on Mother Earth with the morning as the flow of perfection returns to greet this and every new day.

Waking to a breath and a stretch and a chance to renegotiate my existence with the rest of the universe.

I ask for the strength to continue on this journey even in my limited understanding of what strength even is.

I recognize that my attempts to control situations and flow within relationships is utterly futile in the tapestry of lifetimes weaving.

What does power look like?

What does it feel?

Power and control.
I don’t get to decide. I only get to dance this dance. I only get to taste flavors gifted to me.
I only think I am right.

Because what is right is a momentary flash of connection. There is no universal
“Right” there is no universal “wrong” either.

We were raised to believe that time is linear and experience best displayed on a clock… contained within a small circle of constricted conformity.

Time says the separation between each of us and every moment is the most important part of the work.
When we know it is not.

Don’t buy time.

Share love.

Right here.

Right now.

Right in the thick of the pulpy richness… the great mother spirit loves with everything she has.

She’s not buying time.
She is gifting life.

Give thanks


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