Soul ties.
There have been some strong heart connections in my life that are so bound that i feel pain when theirs is crushing.

There are places that we go when our heart feels too heavy to carry the weight… when we can’t seem to shut off the colonizer speak.

Calling us to hold our attention only on the pain and the suffer, but the pain is a message.

we were not built to bear pain. we were created to breathe through it to find the nugget of joy even in the darkest saddest place.

We were not meant to live alone, but we were domesticated to think that one person can hold our whole heart in their hands.

When no hands or heart are big enough to hold the responsibility of another’s happiness

The colonizer tells us that we have to get onto the ark in pairs. Yes balance is necessary but no two people can ever do every one thing.

and so the sooner we recognize the importance of tribal living, the sooner we will steer this ship to shore.

The sooner we recognize that tribal living is about living together holding each other lifting each other

Life is not a team sport. life is not about competition. It’s not about pain to gain and ladders of success.

I am no better without you than I am with you when my suffering reigns. but I can’t ask you to hold all of my whole heart in your hands

I never would and I promise I won’t.

Can we all come together? Can we recognize that society has no fucking business deciding the construct of our expression?

Or decide exactly how we are supposed to get this work done? no because societal constructs are all about singularity and tearing us down.

They teach us to put our whole hearts in the hands of one other person and ask them to bear the weight.

that’s fucking bullshit.

We all need to come together.

when they say it takes a village to raise a child that’s true. parenting is more than one mom one dad and a dog inside that picket fence. Period.

Most marriages don’t end in divorce because the people suck. marriages end in divorce because they’re totally unnatural.

Our societal “norms” were penned in HIStory, continuously rewritten by each and every one of us when we believe it.

Women everywhere are rising up from underneath the pressure of somebody else’s need and inability to meet it.

We women are not the vessel from which to dip into for your spiritual nectar. Unless We Choose To pour some on you.

We are not the vessels for which to release your stress and tension into. Unless that agreement has been made.

For we need to know what to prepare for.

Women are magic, what many call magic, we call what happens when we wake up in the morning and just be.

The everyday blessings of our love… IS magical

And the message is being heard loud and clear
Sparking a last gasp for control as true power gathers

And those of us who can Stand together to nurture the way.. hold eachother and our male accomplices up… we can shut off the narrative of patriarchal old…


One language, one career, one partner, one flag, one winner, one path one god…..?

Nah. I don’t buy it. And I wouldnt afford, or put it on layaway if I wanted it.

We are all best in our own true power. Strong so that we can uplift our powerful family.

The bigness comes when we find our strength within ourselves and stand together with those who can do same.

Then we can better assist those who can’t.

It is time for us to unify in true love–to let ourselves and eachother off the hook.

Prayers are alive. Lets get to know them together


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