Come dance with me in spirit my sweet friends. It really is the time… To take back all our power for there, we are sublime.

That thing we are missing seems so far away because that’s how we see it now

But to notice the beauty in its fullness is the only way to how.

Stand there in your power it’s glorious and you know I’m right

Don’t believe the shit they’ve told us–it’s not about a fight

For freedom
For for togetherness
For joy or justice
Tenderness or light.

The goodness waits for our absolute attention–we have to come correct.

The systems that have domesticated us are losing their effect.

If we take them down brick by brick or beat the bush out of the ground…

Strength is ours to live and ours to love and with trust those walls are coming down.

Not one of those tears left to shed will be squandered and they don’t make us weak

Giving them to spirit strengthens our release…
give spirit all your beauty for all we’ve sown, we reap.

Know love in this day by giving to yourself. We need all of our hearts open to experience the wealth.

I love you and I love me and I love the possibility, for together many we’s will hold eachother in this, a blessed new reality.


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