I’ve been sleeping rather late these days…
Waking up behind the sun instead of when she comes.

Some may find this lazy, others definitely do.
my mornings start a little groggy then clarity comes quite soon.

I am Making up for lost time–after years of stifled flight
I’ve always been that kind of Owl and now reclaiming every minute of my night.

If you notice I’m awake just before the dawn…. in the space Dylan calls the darkest hour

Don’t worry About me or insomnia or wonder how’s my head…

I’m just here getting more of me accomplished since decolonizing my bed.

And I congratulate the sun for being such an early riser. She’s rather good at that.

But don’t forget when night time comes for us, she’s not asleep….
she’s lighting up the day for someone else and the moon for you and me.

Photo: Isis Grace Charise


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