3500 feet above ground in a whiteout of clouded visibility I ride the prayer to reach home safely for not only myself and everyone in this airplane, but for every one of the people who live on this great turtle island. And for all of those whom we share this planet with.

The captain requests our seatbelts to be fastened as the turbulence shakes the stability we believed we had just a few moments ago.

Yet thousands of feet above ground in an iron bird, Fueled by the blood of our ancestors, we are fools to think there is stability of any sort anywhere, and particularly in the air above an already unstable ground.

Below us. Across this great island there are people coming together and coalescing to cry out for a better way. To embody resistance to a similar foolish sense of stability as it is rocked beneath their very feet, just as fluid in possibility.

The women of this nation and nations across the lands come together in solidarity and recognition of our power to give life. Our power to heal the misguidance of our sons. To remind our fathers what blessings could come of their seed. And as well, what destruction appears when those seeds are tampered with and steeped in poison. We come together to remind our brothers that rape culture is not the culture we stand beside and we won’t lay down for it.

We have the responsibility to birth Protectors and that is what we set out to do in blessing life for our babies when we bestow the gift of breath.

One man cannot suck the core of life force from the collective whole, unless we offer our most vibrant vein for the sucking.

It is as if americans have chosen to be drained as we feed our energy to an idea, to a concept of governance of land and our people and all of those who stand voiceless from the water to the creatures who live beside us.

What the fuck is governance to anyone other than those who choose to lay down and be governed?

We humans are not the top of the chain. We are the virus eating ourselves alive and finally recognizing that it doesn’t taste so good.

So we are called to pray.
We are called to stand.
We are called to do the work…

For real this time.

My body didn’t march but my heart was in the hearts of every person who took the time and effort and heartspace to stand wherever they stood.


Courtney Williams Brought me with her to the Women’s March in DC!!!!

I was in flight. Wishing I could be beside my sisters and brothers, taking the action I would have joined them in, if spirit hadn’t sent me on another path today. I was also craving home and family and the warmth and privilege of knowing that my son is safe and there is a smile on his face.

For that is the greatest gift of all.

What I am most praying for is that the illusion — that we are beneath the power of our government — is as fragile as the belief that we ever had stability in the first place. We must shatter those images.

We must stop believing that we need a system of governance beyond our own knowing. Beyond our collective understanding and connection to the greatest governor, Mother Earth. We must come together. Now. And stay together.

We, each in our own realities, have the power to live in the sanctity of our prayer. We each have the power to love with a full heart and each of Us has the power to build futures that look nothing like the illusory veil of power and control our government has been able to convince us of, for all these centuries.

“We are an extension of the mother earth. This is our source of power. Not the economics. Not the repressive government. Not liberal government. Our source of power is Us and our spiritual connection to the earth and our recognition of that.” –John Trudel

As women marched together, in solidarity, across the lands–physically and in spirit, we moved with the sacred knowing that we are in a tremendous time of renewal and regeneration.
As we take leadership, we are not here to shove anyone aside or to put anyone down. We know how to stand beside eachother and our men. Those who don’t know are learning and it is time.

Take a moment to learn from us, for we have much to learn and teach. We are women and we do both well. We are blessed multitaskers.

This time is not easy. The birth canal never is. But as a mother I can tell you this is a time that can feel far more productive than the painful contractions that brought us here.

When my son finally made it to the actual place between my hips, the transition from the safe and comfortable womb was one I felt clearly.

This was the last stage before I would meet him and hold him in my arms. It was a place of wonder and excitement and also exhaustion. It was a place of blessing so confusing and surreal I still cannot describe it. But those who have never given birth, it feels a lot like the energy in the air right now.

It was painful. But it was different. Leading up til then, was a time that felt like it may never end, and what was on the other side was unknowable.
But the transition into the actual birth canal… was the first moment that I could recognize there was another side, believe that the pain of birth would end.

Now, the real work began. It was as though all of the days and nights and pain of the labor was just that. Labor. Hard manual labor to get through the rise and fall of the contractions. There was no time to think of what was on the other side. There was nothing but bearing through the pain.

Once the child comes to meet the pelvis it is different. The pain changes and the work begins.

And the midwife finally says PUSH. And you do. But you are not pushing against. You are not trying to stop anything or change anything, you are finally, moments from birthing a miracle. You are pushing for the blessed opportunity to meet a great and wonderful spirit on the way to adding its drop to the glorious bucket of lifeforce in this universe.

And everything changes for you. Because just on the other side of this new plateau of excruciation is the gift of the most precious being you will ever meet. Or so you think. Or so you pray. And you will never know until you look into the eyes of this child you are bearing witness to, at the junction of miracularity in the path.

And then, It’s not over, the work just changes.

The child is alive and well or perhaps not well and needing extra care. But whatever that may be… the work continues. There is nurturing and teaching and giving of yourself in the most selfless ways necessary.

No. the pain and labor and pushing and birthing was just the beginning. A compact short quickie version of what is to come, if you choose to accept the responsibility of motherhood.

You could walk away. But, to abandon that responsibility to protect your child, is likely just as painful if not more so.

So here we are. At the transition point in the collective birthing of our next stage of this life. Of this future. Please. Please. Please stay woke.

I believe with every fiber of my being, from the depths of my knowing, that we have the power to pool collective consciousness and shift this whole blessed ship and steer the course to the good way. I do. I really reeeally reeeeeally do.

And… I admit it. I have seen what we can be led to do in a collectively unconscious way and I am sometimes afraid we won’t hold our power.

Moments like January 21st, 2017 give rise to hope and even optimism that we have seen the glory of collective coalescence. And I pray in every direction that we hold this power.

The last time I felt a similar glimpse of our collective positive flow was the day after Obama was elected. People had a sliver of belief in our hearts. But we quickly allowed the machine to direct us back to passing the buck to our governmental force.

We Must decolonize our hearts and minds. Decolonize every step of our walk toward the blessings we may bestow upon ourselves when we take our power back. When We energize ourselves in a good way.

Are we going to continue forward and steward this “child” we are birthing together?

Or are we going to walk away and try to pretend we didn’t just abandon her?

We have been rather desensitized as a society and we seem to think that we have to hit rock bottom to get to that sweet spot that happens when all of our circumstances change so that we can feel better.

And yet.

We have always had the opportunity and luxury to choose to make the changes within ourselves, at any point along the path, to be the change we crave. To accept our possibility whether or not the circumstances change at all.

Now. The pain of not knowing where we are going in this country and therefore the world (since some seem to consider ourselves the most powerful nation on the planet) is excruciating when we place the power into the hands of our government. But when we remember that we are the power… things change.

Many of the privileged people in the west had forgotten their power somewhere between that leap off the swing set and their “high powered position” in their corporate container, but seem to be remembering now.

Those with less “privilege”… we know our power. We have been holding on to it for dear life. Even if stowed away in a pocket somewhere or behind our hearts. We know who we are and we will not be led to believe that some structure outside of ourselves holds the key to that knowing. Our privilege is that power. Our privilege is the understanding that our collective connection is what keeps the flames burning.

We have not been fooled by the structures for they have never held us.

We are held by love and held by our Mother Earth and we hold eachother. We have to. Because we have always known that house of cards will topple. We have watched it topple around those of you, who now stand naked and afraid upon finding out that you never were protected after all.

Some of us stronger than others, we will all need to carry eachother in this time and the times to follow. It is time to lock arms for when those who oppose us realize we are same… they will ask us to carry them too. And It is happening already.

So here is an incredible opportunity to figure out the part where evolution is a softer way than revolution.

For those who need a rock bottom to be inspired toward the revolution they crave, let this be your rock bottom. Please… Let this be the worst it has to get, to mobilize connection.

Let us all find the way to healing and accountability and resolve to BE the shift in this, the great turning.

Great thanks and appreciation for all of those who came before us, and those who wish to stay in the formless realm to guide and protect.

Honor for the truth that is the pain which inspires our shift.

Blessings for the ability to seek another way of being and living and loving.

And prayers for the strength to move forward in that better way.


Click the image below for the gift of a song for you by Alex Schein.

Please listen….



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