Connor Kennedy had a record release Party last night at Levon’s Barn. He invited Mike & Ruthie, The Paul Green Rock Academy Show Band, Aaron Freeman, Miles Mancusso to share the evening with him… Oh, and a room full of true music supporters! It was a very special night for many, and for myself, the fruition of some really strong prayers… Have you ever questioned of the power of Prayer? If I ever did, I don’t now.

When my son was about three years old, I woke up to find him on a little stool in front of the teevee, in his hands was the guitar my father gave him for his second birthday. He had dusted it off, and discovered what it was for. He was watching a video of Joey Eppard on my old cable access teevee show. He learned to strum the rhythm of those five songs by the end of the day. For a couple of years, he immersed himself, often soaring to far off places, in Joey’s work. Later adding the Beatles, finding the notes to Songs like Here Comes the Sun on any guitar, tuned or not. And then he got a drumset.

By the time he was seven, he was a pretty badass drummer, and the guitar went into it’s case. To my dismay, it pretty much stayed there. I knew it was a love of his, and so I prayed, as a mother does for her kid to do what she wants him to do because she wants him to do it, and she thinks she is right. But I also pushed. And he resisted, and I knew why he resisted and I tried not to push, and finally, perhaps at just the right time, I stopped pushing. All the while, praying (literally, specifically, and HARD) for Paul Green to move to Woodstock and start a School Of Rock. Clearly many more people were praying for that same luxury, because we are living, breathing, feeling and hearing the manifestation of those prayers.

And, now, after seven years, the guitar is back in his hands!

Rock Academy Show Band plays Levon's  Photo: Steve Casa

Rock Academy Show Band plays Levon’s
Photo: Steve Casa

Last night I asked myself, and then I asked Paul, “Is there no ceiling to the goodness that is abounding?”
We both had the same answer… No. There is no ceiling to the goodness.

I just stood and listened to my kid play A killer guitar solo on Ophelia! And then Kill it on Levon’s kit! Special moments for me, as my Dad and Levon loved each other, and to see my apple bearing fruit in such a way! I had a front row seat to the joy they must now feel in the afterlife, watching what they have created! The potential of their Legacies ~ boundless!

All of these kids are so amazing to watch. Not just my own. I have seen shy, timid children shed their fear and pick up instruments and meet new places in themselves. We are fortunate to be sharing these blossoms. The bonds they are creating are allowing them room to grow with eachother and they are in a safe environment, which isn’t always easy to find for young people.
Paul Green has some kind of magic. And it is more than an honor to experience the luxury and opportunity that he is providing for our community. The Rock Academy is the best thing to happen to this area since, well…. Levon’s Rambles!

Last night, was a beautiful beautiful way to come full circle.

To hear Alexis P Suter fawn over Connor, having watched him come up from a boy, with his guitar in his hand, into such a musical force… He might know, that he created a wonderful evening for so many, but I am not sure he knows just HOW wonderful it was for me… I caught a tiny glimpse of a future that I am living now, already.

Proud Mama! I can’t imagine experiencing any more than I already have, but every time Paul shows me my son in this light, I think,
“I couldn’t be more proud…”

A lot of proud Mama’s in the room! Dads too! Tony Falco (owner of The Falcon in Marlboro) must have been beaming, Lee Falco is amazing and so bright! Brandon Morrison… Amazing! And Zach Tenorio-Miller (Of School Of Rock All-Star wonderment) Just incredible!

❤ We are so very fortunate!


3 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Well said, Rachel. Well said. To me, YOU were all the “next” generation and now you, too, see your “next” generation. You see it in your own children and in kids like Connor. Keep it going. Pass that torch.


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