…Tonite, as they sat preparing to be tortured by two complete idiots in costume, she wonderd if they had hit rock bottom this time.

Once the girls were seated there was a flurry of cassettes and the  dimming of the one red light, Jason and Miles tripping over each other were ready to please. If that’s what you call it. There was a numbing malaise setting in on the girls, each with their own way of blocking out the awful reality before them.

It really was a nasty apartment. Charlee worked at convincing herself. The place stunk, and every time, with the bums in the hallways. The last time Koch cleared the park, seven turds were deposited one flight up on the landing.

As Charlee’s eyes glazed over, and Jason “plugged in” his guitar with no strings, her mind drifted to the night the boiler broke. Shayna had just gotten out of the shower, she was naked, and it didn’t really matter, it was 98 degrees in there. Rebecca opened the window to grab the ginger ale she had left out on the fire escape. The fridge was never cold enough.

“Oooh, leave that open…” Shayna said, “that shower was hot, but when I turned the water off, I could hardly tell. It’s hot in here!”

They had left the window open for about five minutes when the clank clank clank of the boiler blowing, five flights down, went un-noticed. An hour later, they were fully clothed, coats, hats, gloves, long johns, every blanket covering them while they laid together beneath the extra futon.

It was Shayna’s turn to be in the middle. No one was sleeping, everyone was shivering, and somehow, they all rolled over and Charlee moved from the middle to the left, Rebecca got out, Shayna rolled over and Rebecca got back in. This went on about every hour until the sun rose, giving each one of them a turn in the middle for warmth. There was really no hell worse than the boiler breaking on the coldest night of the winter.

Oh wait…

Maybe there was.

As Charlee regained focus, she could hear the awful sound of the guitar lead in to Welcome to the Jungle. How could she miss it? Shayna had fallen in love with Axel Rose a few years back, and she would play that goddamned album twenty times a day. It was a good album the first five times. After that it was enough to make her want to jump out a window and just run.

Shayna looked at Rebecca who cringed as she heard the same notes, bringing her back to the worst band she had ever been tortured with in High school. Shayna had killed Guns & Roses for them all. But this was beating a dead horse to death with a guitar and toy microphone.

“Really?” Charlee couldn’t contain herself. She just couldn’t believe she was about to be forced to watch two spoiled rich idiots lip sync Welcome To The Jungle. And they were fucking serious!

Yep. Rebecca thought… THIS REALLY IS  the pits.


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