Tonite, despite lying to him about working until one in the morning, he was still awake when they walked in, and he was ready, guitar in hand. And this was the issue. Rebecca could hear Charlee screaming, “FUUUuuuUuuuuuuCK!!!!!!!!!!!” from inside her head. They were screwed. Not only did Jason have his guitar in his hand, but there wasn’t a string on it and he was wearing a top hat and a smoking jacket. Behind him in the glow of the one red light on the stark blue wall, was Miles who was holding a microphone with a cord to nowhere, his head capped with a bandanna which had slid down to cover one eye. Clearly they had been poised for some time- waiting for the girls to arrive.

Before Charlee, Rebecca or Shayna could say a word they were whipped onto the couch by Jason’s wiry grasp. There they sat, mortified, on the one piece of furniture in the room; a dingy, stained couch with a hidaway bed. This serving as Jason’s bed at night. He clearly had issues, for just ten steps down the hall, the apartment opened up into a sundrenched parlor, with knee to ceiling windows overlooking Washington Square Park. Beyond that was the master bedroom where the three girls slept lately.

Fortunately, when they had been kicked out of the apartment they were subletting on avenue C and Eleventh street, Jason had offered them a place to stay. They took it even though Jason had expressed his undying love for Charlee as he was being escorted out of Tower Records by security, having been fired for stealing a Warrant CD.

Sitting there on the couch, watching Jason strap his guitar on, Rebecca wondered just why it was so often that the three of them found themselves in this predicament; wondering where they were going to crash in NYC. A few years ago, it had been simply because they were high school girls, and they really had no sense. But now… Tonite, as they sat preparing to be tortured by two complete idiots in costume, she wondererd if they had hit rock bottom this time.


(Stay tuned for the next installment of “A little story for fun” )



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