Stationed on the 23rd floor of the Luxor. Yes. I am staying in a Pyramid, but the energy is definitely not so great… Holy America people!!!



I don’t think I like it here very much…

“We should have gone to Jesusland, Honey, I know we would have found it there too!”

It could be midnight, it could be three in the afternoon. You have to work to find the sunlight.

Can you feel the pulse?

People come from all over the world for fun and excitement.

They are looking for America.

Couldn’t have come to a better place for it, there is no place more American than this.

Styrofoam and powdered eggs will surely nourish your soul.

Eat a little more America for breakfast.

Hollow eyes and empty pockets is what you will have to show, It’s the luck of the draw.

Lonely as an airport and rich as the trailer park down the way. You found it people, drop another “coin” in the slot machine.


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