Just stopping in to drop a little something. Having spent several years living, working and volunteering at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, praying to see a day that His Holiness could come and sit in his seat in the west, it is such a blessing to have him here, and maybe… this afternoon, in my new back yard.

Last week His Holiness gave a talk at KTD. At the very end. He made us all cry, Including our beloved translator Yeshe Gyamtso. It was one of the most beautiful moments to be there while He thanked Khenpo Karthar, Bardor Tulku, the Lamas and those who have given to KTD.

Trying hard today to keep on the positive note, if we can stop the rain, we will enjoy a lovely talk on the Cuomo field.

It is interesting that it is raining all day. Though we really needed it, we all wait and keep the sunlight in our minds. The phones are buzzing, “rain or shine?”  “no rain no rain no rain…”

It will be pretty amazing if and when the sun comes out with a “BOOYAKAH!!” at like 2:00 and rainbows are everywhere…

wouldn’t that be cool?

I would love that!


I do have a bunch of things to yack on, but I am going to wait… No rain no rain no rain no rain! I feel like Wavy Gravy!


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