These couple of months has been overwhelming for me. As we geared up for this massive eclipse on its way with ridonkulous squares and oppositions… The news got worse And worse. And facebook, the great info diseminating platform is in full swing. Most of us posting hard stuff and feeling helpless. That feeling of helplessness; an indicator for me that i need balance.
I Myself began to feel like i was drowning in oil and slimy politicians. The pain in my neck has plateaued to a seering prod, and i felt like was atrophied into one focal point. I have to turn and see a wider scope. I Know that there are devastating realities all around that loom in the distance, or right close, but there are realities of magical and wondrous proportions as well right in front of us all.
I need to heal and return to a place of productivity for i personally have lost my balance. I could sit here and sob and sob, for the birds and fish and turtles and humans and my own physical body as well, as it responds to my attention.
I have a lot of work to do to come back to center and it scares the shit out of me to be so easily off kilter. Who am i kidding to think i have the strength to hold the lightworker torch if i am crippled by the pain in the air?
I just read some shit about a giant bubble of oil about to reap catastrophic hell on us and honestly…. If the big oily zit pops and we all fuckin die…. I want my focal point to be on high beautiful things. Think its time that i changed my view.
I know ignorance is not really bliss, but i need to ignore some nasty shit and look for the bliss. I love connecting on facebook but i think its poisoning me right now … Not enough good news to outweigh the tragedy i keep being smacked with.
Love and blissful blessings; i’m headed off to find some in my dreams.


4 thoughts on “Change of venue and focus

  1. Miss Sun. You need to lay back and close your eyes,and reconnect your soul into the heart beat of Nature.Find a green grassy field wear a light sundress and just find some solitude.Put your head down soflty on the cushioned grass and breathe deeply ,spread your arms out as far as they can go and push your fingertips into the damp cool soil,let your soul and physical being be part of the Earth.Bend your kness and do the same with your toes.Forget about time,and essence.Just connect ,and breathe in every scent she offers you,welcome her into you. And go to a stream sit silently beside it and pick rocks from the streams edge,look at them threw the sunshine,below the water,and lift it into the air and reconize the change it makes from being disconnected from it’s natural home.Smell it, feel it cold in your hand,watch the drops as they fall and make thier own unique pattern. This is us ,this is human.Remove us from our element and see the change we become,re connect us and were beautiful and free again.You just need to find yourself,so you can release your radiant sunny glow again on all of those who love and adore you.

    • My plan for today Beautiful Amy!! Thank you! The beauty that surrounds and is very imminent. Tapping into the literal and figurative stream. I love you tons!!

  2. Your words are so eloquetly (sp?) put..How soothing and refreshing to read…Refocus and center my friend : )

  3. Ahhhhh….. I love Abraham! ❤

    "Negative emotion is your indication from your Inner Being that the action you are considering is not in harmony with your greater intentions."
    – Abraham-Hicks –

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