There was a time when impatience was my cohort, never really allowing the time to sit and wait for the goodness to come. I always thought I had to go out and get it, whatever “it” may have been at the time. But, recently I have been given the gift of patience with the love I have been graced with knowing.

RecentĀ  periods of distance from my sweetheart allow me the opportunity to notice every moment when my love is beside me, and plenty of time to practice patience.

Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, the most graceful person I know… is so patient. Every breath he takes, he notices. Every bite he takes, he notices, every eye he looks into he embraces. His movement, so gracefulĀ  I am left to acknowledge his tremendous ability to sit and watch; the neuroses, the drama, the scuttling back and forth that we all do. I have noticed him watch like a bewildered child, all the comings and goings, everyone moving without grace, always in a rush, yet he never judges. He never scolds… Just watches and teaches by example. Shows with every step he takes that it is possible to slow down enough to notice the song in the air.

There is no separation, there is no absence, there is only awareness. And awareness of the love we share allows the patience to follow.


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