About two years ago I wrote a piece called “Flat Bar.” Short, succinct and said so much… Just a random splash.
Now two years later, this afternoon, just now actually, I sat and wrote a few more words down… When I got to the end… I remembered Flat Bar… Figured I’d share it…

Have you noticed that there are people all around you reaping the benefits of work and energy and the growth?
I do.
From every direction…
wisdom… Love… expansion… freedom… joy… all out bliss…
People are getting the picture…
We can have it.

Smile and think about the simplicity of the breath that flows when we skip all the bullshit and look in for the good stuff.
It is simple, it’s right, it’s new, it’s wise, it”s simply good, and it’s really there.
Like the pearl.

Love you today…

Flat Bar

Sometimes it feels like I am at the mouth of a giant oyster…

One foot on the bottom and a flat bar in my hand….

prying it open for to feel it’s glisten.

I know it’s there……… and I can visualize it……

Somewhere in all of this there is a pearl…


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