Woke up with a smile today…
It feels like the sun is going to stay out a little bit longer today, and I’m ready for good things.
Are you?

I spent some time paying attention to energy yesterday.
First with a photo shoot that allowed me to really relax in my own skin for an afternoon.
I saw that outer beauty that I struggle to find sometimes.

So much time getting to know the inner beauty, I sometimes forget to honor the outer beauty.

It feels good to look at me and adore me.
I like it.

The evening was spent with some interesting people… and a woman who took the time to show us the energy in the room.
Asked us to feel it, and notice.
Ground, find where we put our energy as we project, blend the earth and cosmic energies, and call our energy that has been dispursed, in old wounds, experiences, paterns… and hold it.

It was pretty wild, and I was high.

Still am.

I am excited to work with this woman.
Her name is Kathy Fitzgerald.
I like her.

More soon…


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