I didn’t want that that way and I thought I wanted that, because that had so many of the things that that didn’t have and then that didn’t have the things that made that delicious and the newness of that was so different than the comfort of that and that has even less of that because that doesn’t want to give me that unless that is the main course and then that gave me such amazing grace that that looks so much farther from that but maybe the display of that and the rawness of that are one in the same with a different approach so just relax and let that be that and that be that because both that and that are perfect just for that?
and maybe it is not that or that but both that and that, and is it possible to draw the that in that and the that in that and combine them into the perfect this?

Who knows, and then really, who cares? For now I am just going to work on the perfect this that is just this and be this.

ya know that?


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