In case you didn’t know I write Haiku, I do! Check out my deck of unconventional and thought provoking Haiku at: http://haikuforthought.com

I love a good haiku! It is rather refreshing to find you can say so much with so few words… Kinda like a glance.

Just scroll down to the bottom for the new ones… A pain I know but…..

Periodic daily haiku will appear in the comments below, and I would love it if you left one too…

5, 7, 5 on the syllables…

Play with me!

photo: Allison Braun

57 thoughts on “HAIKU

  1. This is a Tanka ~57577~

    Wishing dreamy dreams,
    my body relaxed~free~,
    Drifting away on your skin,
    coming and going ~again~.

  2. The Gift

    A seashell awaits,
    Sea flowing foward and back,
    taking my footprints….
    To a mermaid deep below…
    Another lone shell arrives.

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