2 thoughts on “ABOUT RACH

  1. Rachel, I have no idea how I arrived here while looking for a manuscript on 15th century Celtic harp music, but our consciousnesses appear to have merged somehow at this moment, even if it is 10 years on. Mercury retrograde perhaps, but he really took his time on this one. Sending well wishes to you, and gratitude to both you and your mother for helping me with the workload during my period of transition when I was leaving the monastery many years ago. I haven’t forgotten both of your kindness during that time. I think our uncanny connection at this point might be related to relationships or children. I’m spiritually and practically working through and slowly breaking ground on those types of issues at the moment and it can be heart wrenching drudgery at times. From skimming a few of your words here, I feel as though we may have had some similar experiences, and perhaps that is why I was unexpectedly lead here. Anyway, I don’t live in Woodstock any more, but I’m sending my spiritual support to you and best wishes.
    Tara (KTD kitchen staff 2002…)

    • Hello Tara!

      Thank you for your kind words. It it never an easy feat to transition in or out of KTD. I have done it many times, and so, if my assistance in any way helped you, I am grateful for such an opportunity. I would love to reconnect, and will email you privately. I wonder where you landed and would love to share stories and further support.
      Thank you and much love!

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