I was born as the sun cleared the crest of the horizon…

The morning dew kissing the ground as it dropped from the blades of grass to the eastern Woodland forest floor…

The moss had to have been rich that summer. The rains were strong

Here she is… she comes with the sun

She brings light with her when she does.

Sometimes it is light upon ideas and dreams long hidden from the view and feels like blessing.

Other times it is light upon harsh truths buried in the shadow places.

In the latter times she tends to be feared.

Intimidating to those who don’t want to look. And moreso to those who are afraid of their own shadows.

“live who you know you are and trust that you can be real in any capacity” she tells them…

Even when you panic.
Even when you think what you have done should have been shrouded.

Let the light in.

For Fear is the heaviest cloak.

Fear gives good chase and the stricken never wins…

Scaling the facade gets old for those who can see beyond it

And what is there to win if the battle never begins?
Never began…

Who is there to defeat when the best leader steps behind those he leads?

The shadows I suppose.

May your solstice find you in the blessing of light…

Light heart
Light hands
Light in love….

It’s there….
and so is the courage to embrace it.

The truth is far deeper than the story…

Blessed solstice once again…


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