**Enjoy the opportunity to listen as you read. Or just listen… this piece is soundtracked by the stream…

The two leggeds called to the Ancestors tonite… Those who prayed we’d come awake. 

Songs from within the womb gave way to the crescent moon—dancing with the light of Venus

A4C535BD-DA62-4358-B0D7-83D8CC1CD603Sisters—they bless the way…

The two leggeds listened for the Ancestors tonite… Those who’s wisdom we call forth 

Songs from our hearts made way for owl’s medicine—we can’t see them see us

Diviners—They trust the way

The two leggeds cried to the Ancestors tonite… Those who’s tears we still wash away 

Songs from within  the darkness made way for the coyote’s call—sounding life and death

Tricksters—they show the shadow way

The two leggeds walked amongst their Ancestors tonite… Those who  come in every breath

Songs offered within prayers made their way up and out—kissing the fire gently on the Wind 

ShapeShifter—whispers a new way

The two leggeds rested with the Ancestors tonite… those who laid their bodies on this same ground

Songs from our sleep came in dreams—offered beside the cleansing waters 

Streams—the water carries every prayer’s flow


The spider weaves two legged connection in the morning… Making way for new directions

We walk with the earth not on her 

Let us step gently as we go 





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