Fascinating creatures we Are… Human women are said to be the only mammal who derives sexual pleasure for the sake of simply that… pleasure. The tired misconception that we are here for the propagation of the species is debunked by that notion. WE do not drop an egg EVERY TIME WE CLIMAX… that’s big. We ARE the embodiment of joy.

The mother the lover the daughter sister the whore. The giver the the feeder the taker the bore… we are expected to be, and accused of being, everything. The good and the bad. And so we are Shapeshifters.

And we have been walking, crawling, fighting, dancing,  swimming, working to meet our new perspectives throughout our every moment…

It is time for some new shapes, for we are not defined by our men or the crumbling societal norms that are swiftly falling away. Don’t fear our power… (that is for my sisters too) seek ways to feel safe as we come to walk beside you. We will open doors for you. If you loosen control of the fear… we are learning to be soft with you even having reached our capacity for the old ways of dismissal, objectification and suppression.

Walk with us

As my own nest threatens to be empty before long. These are melancholy, bittersweet days… I am stretching into a new shape… I give thanks to all of my sisters who are standing strong in the face of this last patriarchal gasp… we’ve got this if we stick together in a place of upliftment. And for all of the brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers and friends who hold us in protection and exaltation. We see you. We feel you. We know you… we love you  we thank you

And  the most gratitude for the Earth Mother…

And so, here is a song for you… I believe it is an anthem of sorts… and the album is perfect… support independent women artists and buy it!!

we truly are never one thing!

And another… apparently an anthem in Hollywood, but for me another exquisite moment of courageously stepping up… perhaps my own identifications with what she was feeling were sensitive, but it sure opened me up!

Thanks to my friend and treasured mentor Kelsey Julianna for sharing this song with me as she celebrates her own momentous achievement as a woman standing in her power. Happy International Women’s day!

Beauty Be

And…. As a little addendum for some encouragement from another angle…



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